Carefully designed custom homes without the high costs and long timelines.

Designed to the last detail.

take place is based on an approach that looks at design and construction in a completely different way than typical homebuilding. Facilitated by advancements found in all corners of the housing industry and the latest technologies in computer controlled tools, we've designed an entire system that allows one layer of the construction process to precisely set the stage for the next.

A comprehensive, cohesive system.

Unique components that fit within the greater framework of the system are in constant development by the in-house design team. Furniture, light fixtures, cabinets, shelving, bathroom components, blinds, staircases, shade structures, sustainable add-ons, fireplaces, vertical gardens and countless other items are currently in the design and prototyping stages and will be ready for you to simply purchase online for easy installation when the components arrive at your door.

Custom housing isn't just about being unique.

The design process that we have come to rely on is structured around a rigorous analysis of context with an open ear and mind towards why you might be as drawn to custom solutions as much as we are. As we move through the design process, we consistently respond to both site and user in a way that creates an inherently unique and appropriate home. A home that is inspired equally by its inhabitants and the land that it sits on is a special home, a home with a soul, a home that is timeless, and a home that is loved.

Designed to be flexible.

A take place home is designed to grow and change with your lifestyle, facilitating upgrades or add-ons. Whether you want to add extra living space down the road, swap out finishes, or convert a bedroom to a home office, we'll have integrated solutions to make it easy.

Collaborate with our design team to plan a home that suits you and your property.

You'll receive a real-time quote and lead time to consider before making the commitment. After that, we'll take care of the rest⁠— zoning, permits, engineering, fabrication, delivery, construction and management.

Infinitely customizable, from 400sf to 3000sf and beyond.

20' high cathedral ceilings or two storeys of living space.

Dozens of quality finishes to choose from.

Comes standard with A/C and forced air heating.

Great for remote locations and uneven terrain.

Welcome home.
Where architecture meets furniture meets invention.
Starting from

Comfortably outfitted, including hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, luxury kitchen and bath and premium finishes throughout.

We expect our manufacturing lead times to be about 8-12 weeks with on-site construction following for another 8-12 weeks.

About us

We're a team of curious, passionate designers and makers with over 20 years of experience building high end custom homes. For a few years now, we’ve been methodically refining a way of making our brand of highly detailed, thoughtfully designed custom homes as financially accessible as possible. We are beyond excited to be bringing our version of custom to the market and look forward to understanding more about how we can help exceed your expectations!


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